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Generation Gap with Josh Accardo & Maureen Van Zandt

Comedian Josh Accardo and actress Maureen Van Zandt  (The Sopranos)  host GenerationGap, the podcast that dives DEEP into American pop culture in America and where we're going wrong. From "millennials"  to news and politics.  Music to the archetype of celebrity: no topic is off limits.

Jul 26, 2018

This week Josh Accardo & Maureen Van Zandt welcome NY Fox 5 anchor Steve Lacy and Legendary Rock Photographer, Mark Weiss to the show to promote their new endeavor WeissGuyLacy. Steve is a master screen printer and is creating large painting with Mark's photographs. We also talk about Steve's addiction to Social Media,...

Jun 1, 2018

This week Josh and Maureen host the fabulous Carnaby Street Girls. Amber Martin and Shannon Conley have created an act dedicated to the female British invasion of the 60's. We hear their story, and they even sing some Dusty Springfield acapella and KILL IT!!!

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May 10, 2018

Josh and Maureen have on the fabulous ZouZou Mansour, lead singer of the hot rock band Soraia - "ZouZou has been referred to as "a true mix of Iggy Pop and Joan Jett" onstage."

Not only is the band represented by Wicked Cool Records, but they've been featured in Rolling Stone, and their new single, "Monster" is tearing...