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Generation Gap with Josh Accardo & Maureen Van Zandt

Comedian Josh Accardo and actress Maureen Van Zandt  (The Sopranos)  host GenerationGap, the podcast that dives DEEP into American pop culture in America and where we're going wrong. From "millennials"  to news and politics.  Music to the archetype of celebrity: no topic is off limits.

Apr 8, 2019

1) GENGAP "WHAT’S NEW, WITCHU?" * Josh is playing a distillery.... what does this mean for the distillery? due to Josh's love for vodka.

2) GENGAP "CULTURE SHOCK" * Skrillex Music can be used as mosquito repellant

3) GENGAP "POLITICKING" * White House Dwarf goes public with Boss moving all files she needs to higher drawers.

4) GENGAP "THE FULL COURT PRESS" * Lithuanian dude gets whole plane to himself to Italy due to no one wanting any part of the Boeing

5) GENGAP "GENDER BENDER- PEACE & LOVE" * With gender equality being on the forefront, this woman is standing her ground and quit her job to breastfeed her bf

6) GENGAP "ONE POP STOP" RECOMMENDATIONS Josh Film: Old = Bachelor Party (Tom Hanks) New= Hot Tub Time Machine TV: Old= American Gladiators New= Shrill Music: Old= Pictures of you The Cure New= Lost in Japan Shawn Mendes Book: Old= of mice & men New= Upstairs in the whitehouse