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Generation Gap with Josh Accardo & Maureen Van Zandt

Comedian Josh Accardo and actress Maureen Van Zandt  (The Sopranos)  host GenerationGap, the podcast that dives DEEP into American pop culture in America and where we're going wrong. From "millennials"  to news and politics.  Music to the archetype of celebrity: no topic is off limits.

Apr 23, 2019

1) GENGAP "WHAT’S NEW, WITCHU? * Josh will be alone for a week. He has no clue what to do. 2) GENGAP "CULTURE SHOCK" * Nick Cave says Rocks "Dissolute behavior" is key to identity. * Is this an excuse or a truth? 3) GENGAP "POLITICKING" * People are hurting so bad in this economy they are trying to bring back the fake black hand 4) GENGAP "THE FULL COURT PRESS" * Wisconsin Mother/Son team out white trash everyone. They have a dog named BOBO. Same name as Howie Mandel in "Walk like a man" 5) GENGAP "GENDER BENDER- PEACE & LOVE" * Australian Teen is selling her viginity. Has it happened yet and how do we bid? 6) GENGAP "ONE POP STOP" RECOMMENDATIONS Josh Film: Old = Casablanca New= Star is born (Lady Gaga) TV: Old= Family Feud New= Game of Thrones Music: Old= Idiot Wind Bob Dylan New= shot at the night The Killers Book: Old= Count of Monte Cristo New= N/A